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Understanding the Difference Between Linux and Windows Hosting

TweetChoosing web host is the first step in designing an effective and compelling company website. Although most internet service providers (ISPs) offer enough space for a simple personal blog or webpage, creating a high-quality multimedia or an ecommerce retail site will require much more storage and dedicated support. Choosing the right web host provider isn’t

Generate Revenue Using “White Label” Reseller Hosting

TweetMany web hosting providers offer reseller hosting programs and “White Label” reseller hosting is a popular choice for clients who want to purchase reseller hosting at wholesale prices. What is White Label Reseller Hosting? The term “white label” is used for products or services that can be branded with another companies logo and contact information, when,

The Basics of Cloud Hosting

TweetCloud computing is revolutionizing the business world on several levels. Cloud technology allows companies and individuals to easily access computer programs and other information that is based at a remote site. Companies and individuals can reduce their overall costs and get by with less computing power by storing the programs and information on remote servers.