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The Heartbleed Bug – What You Should Know

TweetThe Heartbleed bug is a recently discovered security vulnerability which puts users’ passwords at risk on several popular websites. It is an extremely serious problem that has single handedly turned the whole internet onend. Heartbleed is a security vulnerability in OpenSSL software that lets a hacker access the memory of data servers. According to the

What is The Internet of Things (IoT)?

TweetInformation travels along familiar routes in most organizations. Proprietary information is stored in databases and analyzed in reports, then goes up the chain of management. Information also originates externally, gathered from public sources, collected from the internet or purchased from information suppliers. But the normal methods used to retrieve data are changing, the physical world

Pacific Host – Our Web Hosting Awards

TweetAt PacificHost, our main goal for the last 15 years has been to provide excellence in website development and e-commerce solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. We have always strived to provide our customers with nothing less than the best-quality, most fully-featured services at reasonable prices. We are constantly upgrading our software to provide a