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The Importance of Sitemaps and Submitting Them to Google & Bing / Yahoo

TweetThere are several SEO tips and tricks which can help you optimize your site, but one of the most underestimated of these is sitemaps. Sitemaps are just like the name implies, a map of your site. On one page you show the structure of your site, its sections, the links between them, etc. Sitemaps make

Some of the Top Webmaster Conferences to Attend

TweetWebmaster conferences play a major role in overall internet marketing, specifically SEO and SEM. The important reasons for attending are mostly the same as in other industries. They are a great way to get the jump on potential clients and industry peers, who you can share your services with and develop equally-beneficial relationships. They are

Highlights from the 2013 Ranking Factors

TweetMoz is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company located in Seattle, Washington that sells inbound marketing and marketing analytics software subscriptions. Founded by Gillian Muessig and Rand Fishkin in 2004 as a consulting firm, Moz then switched to software development in 2008. Every two years, Moz runs a survey that collects the opinions from